The Smoky Nights leading members are Lily and Anthony Nguyen! Originally from Wisconsin, this duo has been performing music together for over 6 years!

Anthony is a multi-instrumentalist: drummer for 19 years, saxophonist for 16 years, guitarist for 11 years, and singer since childhood. Lily is a self-taught mandolinist and our dynamic female lead singer. She also created the name for the band, "The Smoky Nights!"

The Smoky Nights lineup also includes TN natives Carson Correll, Derek Lane, and Eric Cullins! Coming from Hendersonville, Carson is a very creative drummer and plays a modified LP Aspire Cajon that he designed and built. Carson is also a founding member of The Smoky Nights, and has been playing with us for just over 4 years!

Our set drummer, Derek, was formerly the drummer with local rock band Taysed and Confused! He's a Sparta native and knows his way around a stage. He'll be joining us for most of our out-of-town shows and big festivals!

Eric is our super talented violinist! Originally from Chattanooga, he's currently a Senior at Tennessee Tech University and is double majoring in Computer Science and Violin Performance. Catch us playing on weekends to hear him play that fiddle along to The Devil Went Down to Georgia!

Our lineup occasionally includes trumpet player Patrick Shipley! Patrick is from Oak Ridge, and plays trumpet for jazz ensembles at UT Knoxville. We're excited to bring a brass sound to the music of The Smoky Nights!

Together, The Smoky Nights regularly play shows throughout Middle Tennessee - including Cookeville, Crossville, Livingston, Smithville, and Sparta.

In early 2019, Lily, Anthony, and violinist Eric Cullins began writing for the band, and wrote 24 original songs in 12 months! Their debut album “Burning Bridges” released everywhere on July 1, 2019. In addition to songwriting, The Smoky Nights played over 200 shows in 2019 – from Texas to Tennessee to Wisconsin – including festivals with an estimated audience of 7000+ people. 

Burning Bridges was recorded in Nashville, Tennessee at County Q Studios in just 4 days. The all-original album is out on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Google Play Music, Amazon Music, and many other major platforms.

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