The Smoky Nights is a Cookeville TN band with a unique folk/pop/soul sound! Leading members Lily and Anthony Nguyen are originally from Wisconsin, and have been performing music together for over 6 years in Middle Tennessee!

GUITAR/VOCALS - Anthony Nguyen is a multi-instrumentalist: drummer for 20 years, saxophonist for 17 years, guitarist for 12 years, and singer since childhood. He also does live sound mixing, graphic design, and other creative work for the band!


MANDOLIN/VOCALS - Lily Nguyen is a self-taught mandolinist and our dynamic female lead singer & performer. She also manages and designs our stage outfits! Together, Lily and Anthony wrote the lyrics & music for Burning Bridges (2019) and Waking Up In Wonderland (2021).

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VIOLIN - Eric Cullins

Eric has been with the Smoky Nights since 2016. Originally from Chattanooga, he's currently a Senior at Tennessee Tech University and is majoring in Computer Science and Violin Performance. He recorded violin on both Burning Bridges (2019) and Waking Up In Wonderland (2021).


DRUMS - Derek Lane

Originally from Sparta, Derek started full-time with us in 2020. He recorded drums for Waking Up In Wonderland (2021) at FAME Studios in Alabama. He's our man of many talents - drummer, gear tech, and tour driver!


BASS - Charles Gaston

Charles joined the band in early 2020 at the Road to Nightfall series in Chattanooga! Our part-time bassist since, he plays both electric and upright. Charles recorded bass for Waking Up In Wonderland (2021) and has also joined us for large stage events and Fleetwood Mac Tribute shows.


TRUMPET - Patrick Shipley

Patrick is our part-time horn player, and recorded Burning Bridges in Nashville with the band in 2019! Patrick is from Oak Ridge, and plays trumpet and keys for many different Tennessee bands.